What our clients say...

Ewura Esi

From Takoradi​

The right medications coupled with the right spiritual vibrations, brings healing... not miracle...

My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and later had to use a catheter. We have been to several hospitals and spent a lot of money without any improvement until a friend finally introduced me to this society. As a christian I had my doubts if I’m not sinning by consulting the divine Mystic Lodge to help cure my father. But all my fears was alleviated when I got to the Divine Mystic Lodge. They are very welcoming and use holistic approach to heal patients without any spiritual intervention. I also found out that the Grand Master was a certified herbal doctor and well vexed in herbal and natural treatment. My dad started his treatment with them and within one month the catheter was removed and he has been cured totally from his prostate cancer. I say a big thank you to the whole family of Divine Mystic Lodge.

Kwamina Asare

From Kumasi

We help those who wants to help themselves in honourable ways...

I was dismissed at work after I asked for a salary increment. With a sick wife and schooling children to take care of, life was becoming unbearable. I was introduced to the Divine Mystic Lodge and the Grandmaster Prepared a spiritual soap for me to use for 7 days. I was sceptical at first but to my surprise, my C.E.O. called me 3 days after I finished with the bath to resume work. I now have my smiles back and recommends anyone facing a life challenge to consult the Divine Mystic Lodge for prompt results.

A. Y. Asare

From Tower of Grace Ministries

We support you develop your spiritual abilities...

I was a junior pastor who use to see visions in a flash. I have prayed on my own and also been supported by other well known pastors to assist me in prayers for my visions to become clear. I didn’t get any positive results and I have been moving from one church to the other with the hope that an anointed man of God can help me realise my call. I later found this group online and I consulted them with my problem, I was received like a brother and the Grand Master trained me with some spiritual exercises. I am now a full time pastor and my visions are now clear. I will encourage all those who wish to gain spiritual power and insight to visit the Divine Mystic Lodge for directions and success will follow in Jesus name.