The Divine Mystic Lodge offer spiritual courses for interested individuals. Our courses are focused, subject oriented and it’s aimed at equipping the aspirant with both the theoretical and practical knowledge to help them develop spiritually. Some courses are also designed to meet specific demands and expectations of the aspiring seeker to help them achieve the necessary knowledge they may need to become spiritualists and etc. We offer a variety of courses and a few of the general courses are outlined below. You can also Contact Us for details of other inner circle courses.

Fundamentals of Spiritual Development

What, When and How?
Alters and their importance
Uses of Candles, Oils and Incenses explained
Order of Prayers, tips and more.

Divination: Theory and Practice

Subjects Includes:
Ritual Geomancy
Tarot Reading
Nature Cowries
Numerology and Astrology
Dreams and Palmistry.

The Secret Art of Meditation

The Students will learn and master techniques like:
Asana and Pranayama
Yama and Niyama
Pratyahara and Dharana
Dhyana and Samadhi, etc!

Training and Apprenticeship

Become one of the following:
Spiritualist and Consultant
Traditional Priest
Biblical Priest and many more…