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Who We Are

The Divine Mystic Lodge is a Spiritual Society based in Accra-Ghana. Our society is made up of men and women with the common aim of developing our spiritual and psychic abilities for the salvation of mankind, success and prosperity for all, as we pass through this transit kingdom called earth.

Our doors are always opened to individuals with similar aim to come join us, as we teach and seek the higher self.

Our Vision

Is to give the entire Study Curriculum, Magick Rituals, Herbal and Natural Remedies, Initiatory Practices, and All Secret Doctrines of the Divine Mystic Lodge to Faithful and Ardent student of our Spiritual Society.

  • Togetherness as family
  • Sharing common ideas through learning & practices
  • Taping into good energies from the Cosmos
  • Sending PEACE to the world

Our Services

Spiritual Development

Our Services are many, and notable among them includes the study of Spiritual Laws and Arcane Sciences of Nature for Spiritual Development.

Our Operations

Our Services goes deep into the Occult with Rituals, Prayers, Excorcism, Evocations, Invocations, Meditation and etc. We also help students to have access to rare and ancient books.


We offer Counselling in all Spiritual/Physical matters of life. Rituals and/or Ceremonies are offered to clients upon request to help solve their problems.

Training and Courses

We also train interested individuals through Apprenticeship and Intense Courses which enables them to acquire the necessary knowledge and power to assist others.


Our wide range of Spiritual Products are prepared from potent herbal extracts and specially blended with Essential Oils and Aromatic Spices to give the best results.

You can buy all our products at our shops located in Accra and Nkawkaw. For those who live outside these areas, Contact Us to arrange for your order to be delivered to you anywhere in the world. These products are authentic, and produced by Ancient Ways Trading.


The Divine Mystic Lodge offer spiritual courses for interested individuls. Our courses are focused, subject oriented and it's aimed at equiping the aspirant with both the theoritical and practical knowledge to help them develop spiritually. Some courses are also designed to meet specific demands and expectations of the aspiring seeker to help them achieve the necessary powers they may need to become spiritualists and etc. We offer a variety of courses and a few of the general courses are outlined below. You can also Contact Us for details of other inner circle courses.


Fundamentals of Magic

What, When and How?

Alters and their importance

Uses of Candles, Oils and

Incenses explained

Prayer tips and more.


The Secret Art of Meditation

Asana and Pranayama

Yama and Niyama

Pratyahara and Dharana

Dhyana and Samadhi


Divination: Theory and Practice

Ritual Geomancy

Tarot Reading

Nature Cowries

Numerology and Astrology

Dreams and Palmistry


Training and Apprenticeship

Become one of the following:

Spiritualist and Consultant

Traditional Priest

Biblical Priest and many more



Welcome to our online consultation











Spiritual Consultations

The Divine Mystic Lodge offers online consultation for interested individuals. This service is designed for individuals who might be too busy to come personally to the Mystic Temple due to work or other proclivities which might not allow them to personally come around. It is also designed for those who live very far away from our Temples or those living abroad. Individuals who also need answers to take prompt decisions on matters of importance can also benefit from our online consultation.

With our online consultation, you are assured of prompt answers and directions to solve your problems. You will also be dealing directly with the Most Noble Grandmaster, who will address your problem and offer the best solution to you.


Consultation Services Include

Dreams Inteprtation

Reading of Your Horoscope

Revelations of Past, Present and Future

Finding the Cause and Solutions to problems

Divination and etc


What our clients say

I was dismissed at work after I asked for a salary increment. With a sick wife and schooling children to take care of, life was becoming unbearable. I was introduced to the Divine Mystic Lodge and the Grandmaster Prepared a spiritual soap for me to use for 7 days. I was sceptical at first but to my surprise, my C.E.O. called me 3 days after I finished with the bath to resume work. I now have my smiles back and recommends anyone facing a life challenge to consult the Divine Mystic Lodge for prompt results.

Kwamina Asare
From Kumasi

My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and later had to use a catheter. We have been to several hospitals and spent a lot of money without any improvement until a friend finally introduced me to this society. As a christian I had my doubts if I'm not sinning by consulting the divine Mystic Lodge to help cure my father. But all my fears was alleviated when I got to the Divine Mystic Lodge. They are very welcoming and use holistic approach to heal patients without any spiritual intervention. I also found out that the Grand Master was a certified herbal doctor and well vexed in herbal and natural treatment. My dad started his treatment with them and within one month the catheter was removed and he has been cured totally from his prostate cancer. I say a big thank you to the whole family of Divine Mystic Lodge.

Ewura Esi
From Takoradi

I was a junior pastor who use to see visions in a flash. I have prayed on my own and also been supported by other well known pastors to assist me in prayers for my visions to become clear. I didn't get any positive results and i Have been moving from one church to the other with the hope that an annointed man of God can help me realise my call. I later found this group online and I consulted them with my problem, I was received like a brother and the Grand Master trained me with some spiritual excercises. I am now a full time pastor and my visions are now clear. I will encourage all those who wish to gain spiritual power and insight to visit the Divine Mystic Lodge for directions and success will follow in Jesus name.

Prophet A. Y. Asare
Tower of Grace Ministries

Contact us

You can contact us through the following mediums and we will answer all your queries promptly.

Accra: Located at Pokuase
Nkawkaw: Located at Zongo Junction



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